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eBook Lending Site Lendle is Up For Sale

It’s been quite some time since the social ebook lending sites made the news –  so much so that I almost for got that they’re still around.

Lendle is back in the public eye again and luckily for them it’s under much better circumstances than before. According to an announcement on their blog, the site is up for sale. The 3 co-founders are looking to bow out after little over a year, so they are looking for a buyer.

"We love being part of an industry on the move and taking on some of the tough issues surrounding ownership and digital content, but our primary goal has always been to create the best social-lending site we could build," they wrote on the blog. "We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built, and we think Lendle has been an amazing success. "

In just over a year this community shared 70 thousand ebooks from among 50,000 unique titles. That’s really just a drop in the bucket compared to the 330 thousand ebooks that Lendle members are currently offering to share.

Lendle means a lot to us. We’ve put over a year of our lives into growing a great community and implementing new features and we’ve done our best to put a unique spin on social-lending to ensure that Lendle stands out amongst the competition.

Even so, there’s still a vast untapped market for social-lending that is millions of potential Lendlers strong, and we think a nimble and innovative home for Lendle can only lead to great things.

There’s no mention of price or the income the site has generated (the site does have an Amazon affiliate account), but the Lendle staff believe there’s room for growth.

But I’m not sure where it will come from. After a year they have only lent 70 thousand titles – even though there are millions of Kindle owners in the US. What’s more, there are a lot of titles that you cannot lend (it blocked by the publishers). And of the ones you can lend, you’re limited to a single loan per copy. There doesn’t seem to be much growth potential here.

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