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Ebook reader sales nearly tripled in Spain in Q1 2011

The market research firm GfK released the results of a report a few weeks back. This study, which focused on the Spanish ebook reader market, was created in cooperation with bq, the Spanish tablet ereader company. Don’t get too excited; the numbers aren’t as impressive as you might think.

The projected sales for thee first three months of 2011 are somewhere around 68 thousand, and that is close to 3 times the number sold in Q1 2010. I’m still trying to find out if that includes Kindles shipped by Amazon. (Does anyone know?)

Sales may have tripled, but actual revenue didn’t the Spanish market also saw a price drop around $100 per unit, and that meant that sales only doubled.  This expenditure amounts to 12 million euros.

via Europa Press

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Jaxs July 6, 2011 um 4:46 am

Amazon’s Kindles are not included.

Nate Hoffelder July 6, 2011 um 7:15 am


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