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EU Takes Next Step Towards Lower Taxes on eBooks

5856708903_294549a95a_bRemember all that foofaraw over the past few years where France and other countries lowered the tax they collected on books, the European Union ruled the tax rate illegal (because ebooks weren’t books), the countries protested, and then the EU decided in May 2015 that, okay, maybe lower taxes on ebooks weren’t such a bad idea?

Moving at a typical glacial bureaucratic pace, the European Union has taken the next step towards changing regulations so its member countries can charge a lower tax rate on ebooks.

Last week the EU launched a public consultation on the topic of VAT collected on ebooks. They’re inviting comment from the public on this proposal to "allow Member States the application of reduced rates for electronically supplied publications".

They want to know what you think about the possibility that ebooks might be sold tax-free (as newspapers and books are sold in the UK), what types of digital content should be included, and any possible side effects of the change.

For example, should digital comics be included, or only the more traditional ebooks? What about ebook apps, or ebooks-on-a-stick?

You can find more info, and share your opinion, on the EU’s website.

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