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Evernote Introduces New Paid Service Tier

evernote_logo.jpgYour favorite note-taking service could be about to get a little cheaper.

On Wednesday Evernote launched a new service tier. In addition to the basic (free) and premium (paid) tiers, Evernote now offers a paid service tier which splits the difference.

Evernote Basic is still the free, limited service which lets you upload up to 60MB a month. It doesn’t let you do much more than that, though. You can’t, for example,  save emails to Evernote or view your notes offline. For that you will need to upgrade to Evernote Plus.

Evernote Plus costs $3/month or $25/year. That’s half the price of Evernote Premium, and it’s also half as useful. The Plus service limits you to uploading up to 1GB of notes each month, and it adds that offline option and a password option for Evernote’s mobile apps.

If you need more features, like searching in office docs, version control for your notes, or editing PDFs, you’ll need to subscribe to Evernote Premium at $6/month or $50/year.

Evernote has always offered the Premium tier but today it is getting a little better. Evernote has dropped the 4GB monthly upload limit for Premium subscribers, and they also enabled larger individual note sizes so you can better organize your work.

Along with the new tier and new features, Evernote has also bumped the price of Evernote Premium from $45/year to $50/year (prices vary between regions). If the price of Premium has gone up in your area, you’ll still pay the same until 29 April 2016, after which, they will adjust the price. If it’s lower, they have an FAQ on how to switch to the lower price.

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Henry Wood April 30, 2015 um 12:30 pm

Very good news for me. Evernote has now become a service I cannot live without. In old age (in some people) comes ever failing memory and the need for constantly available notes and reminders and I find Evernote helps me every single day. A single example – I keep in my notes what I call my "Medicine Log" and whenever I take certain medication I note the date and time. This is important as certain medicines are taken when necessary but must not exceed certain doses in a day and I was constantly unable to remember if I had in fact taken a dose or what time I had taken it. Now with my "Medicine Log" available on my desktop/chromebook/Tablet(s) and smartphone this information is immediately at hand at any time of day or night.
It’s also very handy for keeping instant notes/thoughts which I would now forget almost as soon as I have thought of them – shopping / fresh food to use / freezer contents, etc., etc.
All of this is way less than 1GB per month so I will be glad to save a few GBPs.

Anthony April 30, 2015 um 11:36 pm

I just use the free Evernote service, as a text-only notebook. Pretty convenient, especially across multiple devices. I’ve been keeping my grocery list lately in Google Keep, though (seems a bit nicer for that function versus Evernote—I can uncheck the checkboxes with one click, making the list easier to reuse next week).

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