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Feedly Now Lets You Export a List of The Feeds You Follow

feedlyThis is just a quick note to let you know that the heir apparent to Google Reader has just announced that they finally added the one feature whose absence worried me the most.

Feedly has now created a way for users to download the RSS feeds they follow in Feedly.

It is not nearly as polished or as complete as Google Takeout, but it does offer power users the reassurance that they can leave Feedly for another news reader service. That is going to calm the fears that many are feeling as a result of the impending Readerpocalypse.

You can find the OPML content here. Before you can use the data you will need to copy and paste it into a text file, and then give that text file a suffix of OPML.

As I said, it’s not exactly an ideal solution but it is better than nothing.

And this is likely also a sign that Feedly will improve upon the export option when they have the time to spare. What with fixing bugs from new features and coping with supporting all of the many ex-Google Reader users who have switched over, I expect the Feedly staff is stretched a little thin at the moment.

When they do get to adding more and better export options I for one would like to be able to export saved posts, tags, and as much detail from my reading history as can be extracted.

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