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First Look at the Boyue Shine (T63) – Android, 300PPI Screen

boyue shine t63For the past week or so I’ve been tracking hints of a new ereader from the Chinese company Boyue, and today I finally have something to report.

First discovered by MR member hob last Monday, the Boyue Shine is Boyue’s next-gen ereader. The product renders suggested that this device would sport a design inspired by the Kindle Voyage with its flush glass screen, and the photos recently posted to Baidu confirm that report.

One lucky soul got their hands on what they’re calling the Boyue T63 and posted a set of photos last week on Baidu. They didn’t share much in the way of technical details (scroll down for more info), but they did mention that this device sports a 6″ 300ppi resolution screen.

They posted a total of 4 photos. The photos don’t show much, but they do confirm the basic design and that Boyue is working on a high-end ereader with a hardware design intended to compete with the Kindle Voyage.

Note that I said that the hardware is on par with the Voyage; I’m not so sure that the software will be its equal.

Boyue makes ereaders that run Android. I like them, but I agree with the general consensus among owners that the software isn’t too great. Sure, the reading app works okay and you have the option of installing Android apps, but many owners complain of problems with battery life and stability issues.

We know almost nothing about the Boyue T63 Shine, so this warning could be for naught. But this is a point I will be checking when the T63 Shine is released to market.

I have no inside info on the release date, but I am hoping that this device will be available in the next couple months with a price tag between $150 and $200. That is a higher price tag than the new Kindle Paperwhite ($139) or the Kobo Glo HD ($129) but I think the Android OS makes up for the difference.

Update: A reader pointed me to a listing for the Boyue T63 on a wholesaler website. These specs are not accurate and thus might not be legit, but according to the site this device does have a screen resolution on par with a Carta HD E-ink screen (for some reason, Pearl E-ink is mentioned instead).

According to the site, the Boyue T63 has a wholesale price of $70 with a MOQ of 100 pieces. This coulde asily be a $130 ereader when it hits the market.

Boyue T63 Specs

  • OS: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • CPU: dual-core 1GHz
  • RAM: 512MB
  • 6″ E-ink screen with touchscreen and frontlight
  • Resolution: 1440 x 1080
  • Storage: 8GB, microSD card slot
  • Wifi
  • Audio
  • Dimension: 154 x 114 x 8mm
  • Weight: 160 grams

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randomactor June 21, 2015 um 5:54 pm

I’m fairly interested in this after listing my t62 on a trip. Although I have no idea how legit this is, I found this site indicating wholesale pricing and information about a t63 that seems similar.

Nate Hoffelder June 21, 2015 um 6:05 pm

Ohhh, great find! Thanks!

I don’t know if that is legit but they did get the name right (that’s the other spelling) and the specs look about right. What’s more, that type of site would have a listing like this.

So I think you did find the specs. Thanks for the link!

Hrafn June 21, 2015 um 11:48 pm

Has anybody used the 'Inquire about this Product' button on the the wholesaler website to confirm the more questionable aspects of the listed specs (Carta vs Pearl, also the battery capacity looks surprisingly high, given its 160g weight)?

I can do it myself, but want to avoid duplicate inquiries on what is after all a wholesale, not retail, website.

Given the small order size listed (100, versus the 1000 I’ve seen on AliBaba listings for the Onyx D67), I’m hoping that a retailer will be taking them up on this soon.

randomactor June 22, 2015 um 4:39 am

I didn’t make an inquiry, just found it when searching.

Nate Hoffelder June 22, 2015 um 7:26 am

I contacted Boyue, but not through that site. No response yet.

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Lillian January 12, 2016 um 4:59 pm

It doesn’t look enticing enough for me to replace mty T62, unless someone confirms it runs smoother. Personally, I prefer the slightly recessed screen of the t62. Does the T63 have page turn buttons?

Nate Hoffelder January 12, 2016 um 6:26 pm

I have one, and I like it a lot – even though my model only has a Korean interface and requires an account in a Korean ebookstore.

Yes, it has page turn buttons. It’s fast, and has an even frontlight.

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