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French retailer Fnac just announced the FnacBook

Fnac held a press event today where they unveiled their new ereader, the FnacBook. Yes, I double checked and that really is the name.  You might recognize the hardware as the Thalia Oyo; they’re retail partners (I’m not sure that’s the right word) and both are using an ereader originally developed by Sagem Wireless.

Fnac now have the Fnacbook up for pre-order; retail will be 199€. An observant person might recall that Thalia are selling the Oyo for 139€. The FnacBook costs more because it ships with 3G, not just Wifi. Other than wireless, the FnacBook has the same specs as the Oyo.

  • 6″ Sipix screen
  • capacitive touchscreen
  • 2GB Flash
  • microSD card slot (16 GB supported)
  • accelerometer
  • MP3 player
  • Adobe DE DRM support


This should be a slide show of photos taken at the press conference:

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Doug October 21, 2010 um 5:45 pm

FnacBOOK? Are they allowed to use English words in French product names? Shouldn’t it at least be FnacLivre? What *were* they thinking?

neal October 21, 2010 um 6:41 pm

Why ?

Why another ereader ?

Really why ?

Nate the great October 21, 2010 um 6:44 pm

It’s not another e-reader. It’s just another label.

Sael October 22, 2010 um 5:08 am

This is strange, because OYO is actually sold in France as OYO by It appears that they had debuts of two almost identical e-readers at the same time. Look here:

Sergio October 22, 2010 um 12:17 pm

Fnac is a large chain of bookstores – they probably figured out that the future market of books are…ebooks!! And it’s better to have a little piece of the action than none at all.

Marc October 22, 2010 um 12:54 pm

FnacBook is not a Medion Oyo, but a Sagem Binder. As said by Sael Oyo is sold in France by and FranceLoisirs.

Nate the great October 22, 2010 um 12:59 pm

Yes, but the hardware is the same.

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