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Fujitsu Digital Paper M01 eReader/Tablet Leaks

Best known in the US for its computers and related tech, Fujitsu has dabbled in the ereader market since about 2009. None of their devices ever left Japan, but with the growing popularity of the Sony Digital Paper, Onyx Boox Max Carta, and other e-ink writing tablets, there’s always the chance that Fujitsu 's next experiment might.

The Wifi Alliance website has revealed that Fujitsu has sought  cetification for a new device, the Digital Paper M01. We know very little about the device, just that it is being called an ereader and that it is equipped with Wifi.

There’s no mention of the new device on the FCC website or on Fujitsu’s websites, so at this point we really know very little.

That has not stopped some from suggesting that it will have "some form of E-ink display and digital pen, long battery life, a low weight, and a high price".

They’re probably right. I wouldn’t be surprised of the Fujitsu Digital Paper M01 had either a 10.1″ or 13.3″ E-ink screen.  While Fujitsu has released a few ereaders that used its own screen tech, E-ink is the hot screen tech right now and it is the most likely choice.


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