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Hands On With Huateng’s $307 Dual-Screen E-ink Smartphone (video)

With the Yotaphone 2 costing $600 retail (currently $500 pre-order on Indiegogo) and the Siswoo R9 Darkmoon still little more than a Photoshop render, the Flag D1 from Huateng is looking to be your best bet for an affordable dual-screen smartphone.

Charbax recently caught up with Huateng at a trade show in Asia, and he got them to show off the smartphone. The Flag D1’s software was still far from complete, but we now know more about this smartphone than we did last week.

For example, the wholesale price is $180 for 1,000 units.

The Huateng Flag D1 has the same screens as the Yotaphone 2; on the front you’ll find a 5″ LCD screen (resolution of 1,920 x 1,080), and on the rear is a 4.7″ E-ink screen (960 x 540), but aside from the screens this is a very different device.

The Flag D1 looks more like an iPhone clone which runs Android 5.0 Lollipop on a a 1.7GHz Mediatek octa-core MT6752 CPU with a 700MHz Mali 760 GPU, 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage. It has a pair of cameras (13MP and 5MP), a g-sensor, light sensor, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, and 2G/3G/LTE.

This smartphone is clearly intended to be a direct competitor to the Yotaphone 2, which is a surprise given the much lower OEM price.

Huateng wants to put the Flag D1 into mass production in June. They plan to have it on the market in China about 3 months later, with a retail price of 1,900 yuan (about $307 USD).

That strikes me as being a surprisingly low price, and I hope that actually happens. I also hope they put enough work into the software that the Flag D1 is worth buying, but at this point we don’t know whether that will come to pass.

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reichsputin May 20, 2015 um 12:22 pm

BTW, the Yotaphone 2 is up for preorder on Indiegogo.

The price starts from $500.

Nate Hoffelder May 20, 2015 um 12:23 pm

With the retail listed at $600, yes.

But you’re right that I should mention it in this post.

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Tommy August 29, 2015 um 9:56 pm

Or you can wait for the Siswoo R9 Darkmoon to come out for probably under $300:

Nate Hoffelder August 30, 2015 um 12:14 pm

I think the Oukitel U6 is going to launch first.

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