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Highlights (and Links) From Apple’s iPhone 5 Launch Event

1093[1]Apple unveiled several new gadgets earlier today and they also shared a number of new details on their success in the mobile gadget market.

Here are the highlights:

  • The 700,000,000th iDevice is going to ship sometime next month.
  • iOS 7 will be available for download on 18 September.
  • The iPhone 5C does exist, and it does have a colored plastic shell. It’s going to retail for $99 (16GB) or $199 (32GB) with a new contract. This model has a slightly larger battery than the iPhone 5, but the same A6 processor and camera sensor.
  • All newly purchased iThings will come with iMovie, iWork, and iPhoto.
  • Apple’s other new iPhone, the 5S, will be available in silver, gold, "space grey". It has a new capacitive home button and a 64-bit chip, an A7 design which is said to be twice as fast as the previous iPhone with twice the graphics performance.  It also has the newly announced M7 chip, a "motion co-processor" as well as a new camera sensor, the rumored fingerprint sensor, battery life which is equal or better than the current iPhone. The iPhone 5S will cost $199 and up with a contract with 16GB/32GB/64GB storage.
  • Both models will ship on 20 September in the US, UK, China, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and Singapore. The iPhone 4S will still be available, but the iPhone 5 is going to be phased out in favor of the 2 new models.

If new news break I will update this post.

Update: Here are the first of the hands on posts:

  • Apple iPhone 5s hands-on pictures and impressions (The Verge)
  • Apple iPhone 5S (CNET Reviews)
  • Hands on with the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S (The Loop)


  • Apple iPhone 5c hands-on: the new, insanely colorful cheaper iPhone (The Verge)
  • Hands on with the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S (The Loop)
  • Hands On With Apple’s iPhone 5C: Plastic Feels Pretty Fantastic (TechCrunch)
  • iPhone 5C hands-on (SlashGear)

And here are Apple’s demo videos:


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Robert September 10, 2013 um 4:32 pm

Typo? iOS7 will be available on September 18th, not November 18th.

Nate Hoffelder September 10, 2013 um 4:35 pm

Whoops.I don’t know how that happened, but it’s fixed now. Thanks!

Keishon September 10, 2013 um 6:29 pm

Since they are phasing out the iPhone 5 umm does that make the current iPhone 5 more valuable? or does it make the trade in value plummet? Do you know? Just curious.

Nate Hoffelder September 11, 2013 um 7:15 am

Probably less valuable. The iPhone 5C is effectively the same device, only with a new shell. It looks new and cool so it will probably be worth more.

Thomas September 10, 2013 um 11:42 pm


Bubba September 11, 2013 um 6:17 am

iPass really? As a Nokia reject I’m naturally in the Android camp, but I think both the 5s and 5c are very nice upgrades. And so is iOS7, imo. Still has lock down issues but if you’re already an ifan this sounds great to me. If you’ve hit the design out of the ballpark early there’s no reason to redesign dramatically every year. I like the idea of making just the neatest quality tweaks.
Meanwhile I’m desperate to get the Nexus 4 at the new low price but all the shattered glass (especially if attributed to something as idiotic as heat) customer reviews and the 16gb storage still put me off. Hopefully the Nexus 4 v2 (which I prefer over a 5) will finally hit all the good points just right.

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