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How to browse the web on the Kobo Wifi

This is an update to my post from earlier this week.  Now that I’ve worked out how to do it I thought this was worth a repost.

I found a post on MobileRead the other day where  someone demonstrated that he had managed to visit Wikipedia on his Kobo Wifi. I’ve tried it and I don’t think this is very useful. But I wanted to share the news anyway. Hopefully some more experienced hackers can work out the bugs. First  be sure to save a backup copy of any file you plan to change.

What you need to do is look on your Kobo wifi  in the .kobo/kobo directory for the conf file. Open it (it’s a text file) and change all the website names to whatever start page you want.  When you pick the URL, be sure to add a '?' to the end. You’ll need the question mark to because the Kobo will add /home.html to your link and the question mark tells the browser to ignore it.

I would suggest that you pick the mobile Google homepage or that you find a way to make a homepage full of links. You might also decide to point the browser at the mobile version of one of the free ebook sites. If I were going to use this feature a lot, I’d probably have Feedbooks as my home page.

Given that you have to enter text with the d-pad I don’t think this will be a very useful feature. Also, navigating around a page moves the cursor from one link to the next. This can take forever.

P.S. With a little refinement Kinstant could support the Kobo wifi. But I think it needs more customization first.

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[…] How to browse the web on the Kobo Wifi […]

Max Littlemore July 16, 2011 um 12:25 am

I have done this and created a google page that includes a link to the store, but it resets the store url when I put the thing to sleep and wake it up again.
Have you found a way of making it permanent? I’m trying to get this to browse files over wifi from my android phone. The android phone is the access point and web server and that part is working, the only problem I still have is getting the url to stay set…

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