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Hugh Howey’s "Wool" Now Available in the Kindle in Motion Enhanced eBook Format

When Amazon launched its latest enhanced ebook format last August, it did so with little fanfare and only used titles from its publishing division.

Now Amazon is converting existing titles and rereleasing them in the Kindle in Motion format.  I just learned via MobileRead that the retailer sent out an update to Kindle users who had bought Hugh Howey’s Wool, informing them that the new version of Wool "contains new art and animation that can be viewed on the free Kindle app for iOS and Android and recent Fire tablets".

Like other KiM titles, the enhanced version of Wool features video and background animations which enhance the story.

You can see some of the enhancements in the following video:

Wool is the 16th KiM format ebook, and it is the first Kindle in Motion title that is neither in the public domain or originally published by Amazon.

This means that Amazon has finally started accepting third-party ebooks into the program albeit at a very slow rate. Kindle in Motion launched last August with 6 titles, and now there are sixteen.

Kindle in Motion launched last August with 6 titles, and now there are sixteen. While one would not expect enhanced ebooks to be released in large numbers (they are too expensive and time-consuming to produce), I was hoping Amazon would release tools so that everyone else could at least have the option of creating ebooks in this format.

That is how we got the Kindle textbook creator, and the other Kindle ebook tools, after all.


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Frank February 27, 2017 um 4:10 pm

From the preview, it looks like the enhance ebook is using panels from the comic book Wool series.

Nate, you repeated this sentence near the end: "Kindle in Motion launched last August with 6 titles, and now there are sixteen."

poiboy February 27, 2017 um 6:39 pm

the wool series is quite enjoyable.. highly recommended. 4.3 rating on goodreads.

Mackay Bell February 28, 2017 um 1:31 pm

As you point out, the greatest problem is that it’s expensive and time consuming to create the artwork and motion materials, and there has yet to be any evidence there is a market for it. iBooks Author already allows you to do most of this pretty easily. I’m sure Amazon will eventually come out with it’s own tools, but I think they’re being smart by focusing first on creating some samples. Expecting creators to do all the work on spec without a proven market isn’t the best approach if they are serious about creating a new media platform. » Amazon enhanced Hugh Howeys „Wool“: jetzt als Kindle in Motion-Version erhältlich March 2, 2017 um 9:59 am

[…] The Digital Reader berichtet, geht’s nun aber in die zweite Runde – mit Hugh Howeys Sci-Fi-Bestseller […]

Fournier March 3, 2017 um 5:08 am

"Enhanced ebooks " are too expensive and time-consuming to produce".
Sorry but you don’t know what you are talking about : Make an enhanced ebook is not more expensive than make a print book, and I know what I am talking about.
"Time consuming ?" Write a book is also time consuming, how long is the good time to write a book ?
Sorry for my english, I am from France ;-(

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