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Imgur Drops Pro Subscription, Offers Tools Free to All

Imgur just gave us a good reason to switch from Flickr or other paid services. This photo hosting service announced on Monday that it was ending its paid premium service and making all of the tools available to all users.

The site reached its 6th anniversary this week, and as a present to all users, Imgur is now making most of the Pro features available to all. This includes:

  • Store an unlimited number of images in your account
  • Receive multiple thumbnail options on all uploads
  • Access complete image analytics and referrer data
  • Manage, edit or delete any uploaded image at any time
  • Interact with the awesome Imgur community through commenting, voting and sharing

Imgur had been charging $3 a month (or $24 a year) for the Pro service, which originally launched on its first anniversary.

imgur screenshot

I’m not a big Imgur user myself; it’s just not as useful of a blogging tool as is Flickr. But I have always enjoyed the commenting and sharing by its more active members. Imgur often rivals Reddit for the quality and quantity of the comments left on an interesting photo while at the same time lacks Reddits confusing structure. It’s good to see that the community is now opened to all.

Alas, this does come at a price; the site is now fully ad-supported. Some of the former-Pro users are complaining, which was to be expected.

Imgur via TNW

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