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Indie Comics Publisher Thrillbent Launches iPad App, Subscription Plan

Lost 01_app-launchscreen-666x500[1]amidst all this talk of Comixology and Amazon, Mark Waid announced on the Thrillbent blog earlier this week that the comics publisher had launched a new iPad and a new subscription plan.

The new app offers access to all the same great comics that can be found on the Thrillbent website, and of course the content is free to read. But if you like what you read, the app also offers the opportunity to directly support independent creators via a monthly $3.99 subscription.

Over the past several years Thrillbent has experimented with a few different funding models, including selling DRM-free comics both at a fixed price and a "pay what you want" price. With the launch of the subscription, they will be trying a freemium model.

In addition to the joy of paying for the comics, subscribers will receive access to new issues and new series that are only available to paying subscribers, as well as possible future bonuses. They will also get notifications of new issues, and that is worth a lot to me.

You can find the app in iTunes, and you can subscribe either through the app or the Thrllbent website. And yes, an Android app is in the works.

So, are you a fan?

I first started following Thrillbent when it launched a couple years ago. I was familiar with the work of Mark Waid, and I liked the idea he had about using time as a storytelling element. But as the weeks went by my visits to the Thrillbent website petered out.

I discovered that I don’t like getting only part of a story at a time. This turned me off comics in general (it’s one of the reasons why I dislike Game of Thrones, too). I also didn’t like the lack of a notification system at the time, and I found it intensely frustrating. RSS was invented in 2004, you know, and the web comics I read regularly all use it to get the word out about new releases.

Now that Thrillbent has fixed the notification issue, I might get caught up and subscribe – once there is an Android app, that is.


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