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Infographic: 70% of Russians Read eBooks

ebook-MAINITI-2-941(1)[1]I’ve jut come across an infographic that claims that the US isn’t the country with the highest adoption rate for ebooks. If the data in this infographic is correct then Russia, with 70% of readers having tried ebooks, takes the crown.

That’s much higher than the 23% of Americans who had read an ebook (according to Pew Research Center in December 2012). It’s even higher than the data from Scholastic which shows that 46% of kids in the US had read an ebook.

Of course, this chart also shows that Russians aren’t leading the world in buying ebooks; 92% download ebooks from the internet, 36% copy from friends, and yet only 15% buy ebooks.


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TuuronTour August 14, 2013 um 5:58 pm

Spotted an error in "How many books have you read" -> I think the "less than 20" should have been "more than 20" 🙂

Igor Borski August 15, 2013 um 11:13 am

Most probably not true.
Some important detail missing like "tablet owners" or "large city dwellers".

Country side Russians pretty mach have no idea what a word "e-book" means.

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