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Infographic: Who Spends the Most Time Reading in the World? (We Don’t Actually Know)

Hours-Spent-Reading-Around-the-World[1]Have you ever wondered how your reading habits compared to the rest of the world? Then check out this infographic.

Russia Beyond the Headlines was the first to share the infographic below (it’s not clear who made it). As you can see, India, China, and Thailand lead the world in the number of hours spent reading – or at least that is what the infographic would have you believe.

I would not read to much into this infographic. So far as I can tell the data is drawn from a report published in 2005 (press release). That is simply too old to accurately reflect current reading habits, thus reducing this infographic to little more than a cute picture.

If nothing else, the rise of smartphones and ereaders in the past 8 years will have radically changed reading habits of their owners and probably increased the time spent reading.


The national literacy rates might be a better way to judge who reads more, but unfortunately that data is even older.


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