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Inside the Amazon Warehouse, The Robots Are Happy (video)

robot amazon warehouseAs everyone who has been following the news over the past few days can tell you, many people both inside and outside of Amazon are not happy with the company.

The same can’t be said for Amazon’s robots. The retailer has long pursued capital investments as a way of reducing its operating costs, and nowhere is that more true than in Amazon’s warehouses. The Dallas Morning News recently took a tour of one of the warehouses in Texas, and they found a bustling workplace that has looks like it has nearly as many robots as people.

According to press reports, Amazon now uses over 10,000 mobile robots in its warehouses (this doesn’t count the stationary units like the label sticker), so clearly that impression is a gross exaggeration, but still.

The robots range from massive hydraulic arms to the smaller 700 pound forklift bots from Kiva Systems. They’re complex devices, and that includes the stationary units:

At the point when the machine applies the mailing label on with a gentle poof of air, it’s also weighing the box faster than you can notice whether Amazon’s logo is facing up in a smile and not upside down in a frown. If the box weighs more or less than it should, based on what the scanner just read is inside, it’s sent on a side track over to humans. Yes, this technology can detect even if the wrong Harry Potter book was packed

You can see this for yourself. First up is the guided tour, and after that is some raw footage of the robots at work.


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