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Join Me on Twitter on Sundays for #SundayTechClinic

If you have a free moment Sunday afternoon, and you need to get a question answered about your website, why not join me on Twitter?

For about a month and a half now I have been holding informal tech clinics on Twitter on Sunday afternoons (also, for a few weeks, on Facebook). I saw it as a way to help people with their website issues, and the last few have gone so well that I have decided to announce the clinics here on the blog so more people could participate.

There’s no formal set of rules for #SundayTechClinic yet. If you want to participate all you have to do is show up, see if I am on Twitter, and ask your question (remember to use the hashtag). If I know the answer, I will explain it. And if I don’t, I will help you find it.

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