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KDP Reports Dashboard Now Has a Royalties Estimator

I have just heard via the 20Booksto50K group on Facebook that Amazon has added a new royalty estimator to the KDP Reports dashboard that launched last November.

I have no Kindle ebook sales to speak of, but according to the description:

The Royalties Estimator allows you to estimate your royalties in a single currency of your choice. Because you have at least one book with pages read from Kindle Unlimited, you can estimate the KENP royalties before the KDP Select Global Fund is announced.

The Royalties Estimator is a data analysis tool. Everything on the estimator page is an estimate and won’t match your actual royalty earnings. For official earnings records, see the Prior Months' Royalties and Payments reports.

What do you think of it?

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Missy Welsh June 17, 2019 um 1:02 pm

It seems fairly accurate to me, but I’m looking at it now with a new book that launched today. I’m not sure it’ll be accurate since that’s an anomaly to my regular sales. Curious, though. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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