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Kindle Android App Now Supports Vertical Scrolling

Teleread brings our attention to the news that Amazon’s Kindle app for Android now supports continuous scrolling.

Users of the Kindle Android app can now join Kindle Fire tablet users and iOS users in scrolling their way through their latest books – well, most of them, anyway. This feature doesn’t work with PDF or fixed layout ebooks, just regular Kindle ebooks.

Even so, this is still a useful addition. I am reading a lot of non-fiction right now, and a single topic in a chapter might span 3 or 4 screens. With the scrolling feature I can quickly scan an entire topic without having to wait for the page turns.

I wish I had known my Kindle tablet supported this feature; it would have been so useful.

P.S. It’s not clear when this feature was added (the changelog for the last update mentioned only that you could store ebooks on your phone’s external storage) but in the past day or so users on MobileRead and elsewhere have reported that their devices had been updated, after which they were prompted to test the new feature.

Coincidentally, the Kindle app’s listing in Google Play does indicate that the app was updated on 2 January, but it still mentions the old changelog. Also, my app wasn’t updated, but I too have the feature, so we really don’t know when it was added.

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jhowell January 4, 2019 um 7:53 am

"P.S. It’s not clear when this feature was added…"

Continuous scrolling was mentioned in the release notes for Kindle for Android version 8.12 (10/16/2018) as being available "in coming weeks." I first noticed it being functional in early December in version 8.13 (11/30/2018).

Nate Hoffelder January 4, 2019 um 10:58 am

thanks! I Googled it but couldn’t find any mention anywhere.

Lisa Reid March 19, 2019 um 3:21 pm

I have the Note8,and my kindle app does not have the continuous scrolling feature in the Aa menu. It was updated 2days ago,so I’m not sure why I dont have it. I read a lot and I’d really like this function. Please help!!!!!!

Brett Judd April 16, 2019 um 8:22 pm

As of today, this feature is not available on the Note 8. I have the most recent updates from Samsung and Kindle.

Dan Gottesman May 18, 2019 um 1:29 am

still waiting for scrolling on my Kindle app on my note 8 phone

Jerry Hintze June 30, 2019 um 12:57 pm

It works on my note 8.

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