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Kindle Touch Jailbreak Gets Even Easier

Earlier this week I posted about a security hole in the web browser on the Kindle Touch, one which would enable a hacker to create a malicious website which could damage your Kindle Touch. This could be a serious issue if someone made use of it, but like all gray clouds, there’s a silver lining.

This same security hole makes it easy to jailbreak the Kindle Touch.

The original jailbreak for the KT was itself rather simple, but this new trick requires almost no effort on the part of the user. All you have to do is use the Kindle Touch’s web browser to visit a particular website:

Once you’re there, click a few buttons and the website will hack your Kindle Touch for you. After that you can install a few games (Reversi, Sudoku, Chess). There’s also a todo app and another app which says it lets you alter parts of the Kindle’s setup (I can’t see that it does anything).

The process is pretty simple and it looks almost foolproof, but you should know before you try it that there is always the risk that you might brick your Kindle. As always, caveat emptor.


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David June 18, 2013 um 1:32 pm

This does not work on my device. Amazon must have fixed it because it will not allow the site to load

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