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Leaked Youtube Video Reveals Kobo Clara HD has a 6″ Screen With Color-Changing Frontlight

Kobo’s next ereader leaked on Youtube today, and it is exactly what we were expecting.

Kobo’s Canadian retail partner, Chapters/Indigo, uploaded a video to YouTube showing the Kobo Clara HD. The video has since been removed, and it shows digital images rather than the actual device, but it did reveal some interesting details about Kobo’s next ereader.

The Kobo Clara HD is a basic black rectangle with a 6″ E-ink screen. The video doesn’t mention the screen resolution, but it does say that the device has Comfortlight Pro. This is what Kobo calls its color-changing frontlight, and it means that the Clara HD will have the same frontlight options as Kobo’s last couple models.

The video also mentions that the Clara HD will have 8GB of storage, but it doesn’t say more than that. For example, there’s no mention of price or release date.

I agree with the other Nathan; this is a little disappointing. It’s a minimal refresh to existing hardware that adds a new frontlight, but little else.

This is a little silly, but over the past week I had started to wonder whether Kobo might decide they had to do something amazing so they could overshadow the Kindle Oasis, Amazon’s 7″ ereader.

I got it in my head that Kobo might release a 10″ ereader. Yes, I had predicted a 6″ model, but I would have been happy to be surprised  when I was wrong.

Alas, that is not to be.

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James Seger May 11, 2018 um 12:28 pm

As someone disappointed with the lackluster Aura Edition 2, the Clara HD sounds like a good course correction.

6″ is still the most popular size for e-readers. It’s about time Kobo had one that matches the current Paperwhite and Nook models.

If it’s waterproof, even better.

DaveMich May 11, 2018 um 2:09 pm

A 6″, even with a case, fits in your back pocket. A 7″ does not. I know some people don’t use back pockets, but many do.

RL May 12, 2018 um 6:08 pm

I think that they are doing this so they can take advantage of all the case covers that are already for 6 inch readers. If they bring too many differences, audiences new to Kobo may not want to get involved with them.

Suzanne May 12, 2018 um 6:57 pm

I completely changed over from Kindle to Kobo because Kobo came out with the 7.8 Kobo Aura One which I really love using. But I also like the small size of the Aura Second Edition. I would definitely be interested in the Clara even if it turns out to be like the 6 inch Aura updated with color changing light and 300 ppi. The best would be to be surprised with a 10 inch e-ink device. I just wish Kobo would hurry up and make their announcement!

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Martin Törnsten May 26, 2018 um 4:39 am

I think around 8″ (love my Aura One) is absolutely perfect for normal book reading (the page is as big as most normal books), but I would also like to have and e-reader with a screen around 10″ as an option in some cases (around normal iPad screen size).

I still hope that Kobo in the future will release something physically like Sonys new 10″ device, but with their e-reader software (Sony software are great for PDF, but sucks for books).

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