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lit-eraWattpad has carved a niche for itself as a community where writers can publish a work in sections, polishing it as they go, before putting the work up for sale elsewhere.

Now a Russian site plans to copy that model, only with a direct financial component. brings our attention to, a new site which proposes to solve the Russian piracy problem by giving writers a new option for getting paid.

Writers can use the site to publish a work for free in whole or in part, and they also have the option of releasing the first part for free, and then charging readers for access to the rest. The paid option is only open to authors who have gathered a following of readers on the site. Lit-Era calls it a subscription, but readers are only charged once (Kindle Serials work the same way).

Once a work is complete, a writer can also choose to continue to sell the ebook on the site, or distribute it elsewhere.

Four titles have been published on Lit-Era this summer, and so far each has received over 1,000 subscriptions. Lit-Era sees this as having proven the viability of the business model, and it is planning to enter new local markets this fall, primarily English, German, Spanish, and Polish. via

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Sergiy August 16, 2016 um 12:56 pm

It’s a pleasure to read about our project. The only remark is that in June four titles had a record – more then 1000 subscribtions sold per the first(!) week of sales. BTW our record of total sold subscribtion of one title is 2864 copies. It was a book of indie-author without paper book published.

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