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MOTA Smartwatch G2 Calls to Your Inner Dick Tracy

mota-g2_01[1]Mota is updating their line of smartwatches, starting with the new $80 Mota SmartWatch G2. The new watch looks much like the previous model, including the minimalist display and a plastic bracelet type of watchband, but the SmartWatch G2 also improves on Mota’s first smartwatch with the addition of a microphone.

The new SmartWatch G2 features support for Siri and Google Now, allowing users to pretend they are Dick Tracy and fight crime speak commands or questions without taking our their smartphone.

This watch costs the same as the original SmartWatch G1, and it is expected to ship later this month.

Like its predecessor, the SmartWatch  G2 is a rebranded Chinese smartwatch (possibly this one) with a higher price tag and (hopefully) more polished software. It supports Android and iOS devices, and pairs with smartphones over Bluetooth.

The SmartWatch G2 can vibrate to let you know that you have a call, and the screen will display the caller ID. According to Mota, the SmartWatch G2 gets up to 3 days of standby time, but only 180 minutes of talk time.  The watch takes about 2 hours to charge.

It’s up for pre-order for $80 (in black and white colors) and it should ship on 20 June.



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