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My Onyx Boox Poke2 Color Has Arrived – What Should I Do With It?

After two weeks of excruciating uncertainty, my Poke2 Color  arrived via DHL today. Onyx’s first color ereader is a small nondescript black rectangle that arrived in a nondescript cardboard box. It has a much less ornate design than the Pocketbook Color (you’d almost think Onyx and Kobo shared designers).

This ereader runs Android, and comes with its own appstore (the selection is rather limited). So tell me, what do you want me to test on it?

I’d love to answer any questions you may have. At the moment I am planning to write a review for each device, and a comparison review.

I hope I am not spoiling the comparison review for you if I tell you that the Pocketbook Color is hands down the better color ereader. While the two devices have the same screen, the PB Color is  much better at displaying color images. (The software makes a huge difference.)

While I have only had the Poke2 Color for about an hour, the difference in quality could not be more obvious. The PB Color will display an image with colors that are vivid and sharp, while the Poke2 Color will display the same image from the same ebook in warmer and fuzzier tones. (Also, the Poke2 Color has considerable ghosting issues.)

Any questions?

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Brad Linder August 27, 2020 um 6:44 pm

Do they both have similar "screen door" effect issues?

Nate Hoffelder August 27, 2020 um 7:57 pm

Yes, although it’s more pronounced on the PB Color.

Brandon Hall August 28, 2020 um 9:17 am

What’s it like for reading academic PDFs, especially ones with charts that use color? Finer-detailed ones would be a nice test, such as thin line charts.

Xavier Basora August 27, 2020 um 9:40 pm


Do you have any colour comic?
You can compare how vibrant or accurate the colors are.

Nate Hoffelder August 27, 2020 um 9:57 pm

I am using astronomical photos from NASA. They are pretty colorful.

Disgusting Dude August 28, 2020 um 6:33 am

If you hunt on the walled garden ebookstores you’ll find a few free comic books, leftovers of past Free Comic Book days. You can display them on a tablet side by side with the ereaders. Then you’ll know just how vibrant and accurate the colors are.

Xavier Basora August 29, 2020 um 7:15 am



Dan August 28, 2020 um 7:20 am

I’d like to know if it runs Duolingo?

MKS August 28, 2020 um 6:07 pm

Here are the things I want in ereaders:

Synched Audiobook + Kindle reading
Physical page turn buttons (yeah, I can see they don’t have them, darn)

Juan August 29, 2020 um 10:13 am

Hi, could you test how Moon Reader works in this decir?
Thank you

Brian August 30, 2020 um 7:00 pm

Is there any aspect of reading novels that the color ereader makes better in your experience? White background? Cover art? Etc?

Nate Hoffelder August 31, 2020 um 7:56 am

I don’t think so.

Roland Denzel September 1, 2020 um 2:20 am

How well does it work with Google Docs and a BT keyboard to write blog posts or your novel?

Nate Hoffelder September 1, 2020 um 12:36 pm

It worked surprisingly well with my Logitech keyboard. I was surprised because I had previously tried to use this keyboard with an Onyx Boox Max, and that experience was a fiasco.

Syn September 7, 2020 um 12:02 pm

Nate does this have the kindle function of doing a word phrase search across your entire library, or does it only allow phrase searches if your already in a book?

Lynn December 5, 2020 um 8:46 pm

I am thinking about getting Onyx poke2 color for my little one. Can you please test if it can install and run Razkids?

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