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New Digital Writing Slate Coming Soon – Inktab

It looks like the Boogie Board might be getting some competition later this year. A new website has launched a couple weeks back with a goal of raising funds for the InkTab, a new  writing tablet based on a CLCD screen.

The device doesn’t exist yet, so all we have to go on are a few product renders and the hopes of the developers. Do you recall the NoteSlate, that much hyped but ultimately vaporous tablet from earlier this year? The Inktab Project is in about the same state as the NoteSlate, only the InkTab folks are being honest about not not even having a device yet.

There actually aren’t very many details pinned down but the InkTab will likely use a cholesteric  LCD screen, much like the one on the Boogie Board. It’s also supposed to have Bluetooth, the ability to save up to 100 pages of notes on its internal memory, and the current design also has a rechargeable stylus. The InkTab is also going to be able to sync with mobile devices, and the developers are hoping to release an app so you will be able to draw on the InkTab and see your work appear in real-time on the other device (iPad, for example).

The developers are looking to raise $72,000 so they can complete the design and get it into production. The highest donation tier ($120) will get you a tablet if and when it ships. Assuming they get the funds, the planned ship date will be sometime in Q1 of 2012.

I would love to get one, but I’m not so sure that I would risk that much on a gamble. $120 is a little more than I can afford to waste.

via Inktab

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curiosity killed the… October 6, 2011 um 6:18 pm

the only specs you mentioned that the boogie board doesnt have is bluetooth capabilities for mobile devices.
personally i’m excited about the boogieboard rip though especially since i read on their facebook page(which wasn’t anywhere that i saw on the product page)
that an app will be available for free that will let you draw in real time on the computer with the boogie board. considering the complete lack of delay in reaction time from stroke to visually seeing it i think they are positioning themselves to become viable competition against wacom tablets(if they get some plugins for painting software’s)

charlie dulin October 6, 2011 um 6:29 pm

Firs of all if it was the same type display as the Boogie Board it wouldn’t need a powered pen. If its a active matrix Ch-LCD then it might need a separate pen enabled touch surface. But a rechargeable stylus? What pen tech is that? Apple patented some type of capactive pen with a heated tip this past year. Otherwise Wacom doesn’t need it and neither does Ntrig or Hanvon’s pen tech.

Annotate on digital photos? With a black and white display?

Anyway while i was typing the above i was reading their site. Its just Noteslate part deaux. They even used the same cad program it looks liek and the even used the "carved brand" motif for the device name on the device. Showing the trick they learned with that software (solid works?) Either the same person or another art school person with a project. The site says "patent pending" which is absurd because after reading their own comments i can see this is just a boogie board in a different case. I actually cant find the "rechargeable pen" on the site.

Mahesh April 4, 2013 um 1:17 am

please notify me once you release the product.

Chris August 26, 2013 um 8:21 pm

Not willing to give out pen sensitivity/resolution and screen resolution?
No SD card slot?
No thanks.

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