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New Rumor – Amazon tablet coming in August

Our good old source DigiTimes have unearthed more details on the Amazon Tablet.

The ship date of the tablets have been pinned down as being some time in August or September, and yes that is plural. There’s also word that the CPU will be provided by Texas Instruments,and Wintek providing the touchpanel. Digitimes is also repeating the rumor we heard last time about Quanta performing the assembly.

Monthly shipments are expected to be  around 700 thousand units.

Curiously enough, there’s no mention of the screen. The last rumor had the aTablet using a screen similar to the NookColor. Nah. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Update: I forgot to pull together all the aTablet rumors, so here’s more detail. The above rumor contradicts the one that claimed the aTablets would have Nvidia CPUs. It also contradicts the rumor that Samsung had developed the aTablet for Amazon.

I wouldn’t read too much into any of these rumors.

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