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News of the eBook World

4685227546_e3bfe6bbfb_bToday I am officially unveiling a new page on my site.

News of the eBook World shows headlines and links from RSS feeds for six sites which cover ebook news. The list includes Publishers Weekly (just their ebook coverage), Teleread, DBW, Publishing Perspectives, and E-ink Info, as well as the Publisher’s Lunch Automat. (I would also include The Bookseller’s feed if they had a digital-only feed.)

I was inspired by a similar page on eBook Friendly, and wanted to give readers a single page where you can find all of the latest news from the important sites in this niche.

The page is a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions on other sites to add (or can tell me how to turn a Twitter timeline into an RSS feed), don’t hesitate to say something.

image by ryanjraffa

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