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Nook Color Price Cut Starts Today – $199

Three days ago I was the first to tell you about the NookColor getting a price cut at Walmart. According to the ad I found that price cut was supposed to start today and it did.

I’ve just learned that Best Buy also dropped the price of the Nook Color today. You can now find B&N’s year old tablet for only $199 in stores. Of course, the price cut should come as no surprise; B&N’s massive leak on Thursday told us we were going to see it.

I’ve looked over the other stores, and I can see that Staples aren’t showing the lower price yet, and Walmart show $229, not $199. Curiously enough, Walmart are also stocking the NC refurb for $149, and I personally think that’s a better deal.

I can’t find the Nook Color listed on several of the other chains that are supposed to carry it, so I can’t tell you if they dropped the price. You’ll have to check in store. But my guess is that a lot of the retailers might drop the price in the Sunday ads, but they might not do it until next week.

But before you run out and buy the $199 NC, please remember that B&N are going to announce a new $249 Nook tablet on Monday.  It has a dual core CPU, more storage, and it’s shipping on 16 November (probably). I think the extra $50 it costs is worth it. Of course, if I were going to get one I’d get the refurb, but that’s just me.

So here’s one more piece of news that I won’t be reporting on Monday, but I’m still going to NYC. I’ll be at the B&N event bright and early, and I will try to liveblog the presentation (3G permitting).

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TomB November 5, 2011 um 7:15 pm

looks like they didn’t start this today…

I bet we’ll see this price drop tomorrow with all the other retailers.

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