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Nook Glowlight 3 Available as a Refurb for $89

Speaking of refurbs, the latest Nook Glowlight is now available as a refurb on B&N’s website.

This is the 2017 model that is going to be replaced soon by the model that showed up on the FCC website last month, but it still presents a decent value (if you like the huge bezel, that is). This model was built by Netronix, and it has a color-changing frontlight over a 300ppi Carta E-ink screen. It also has 8GB storage, Wifi, and page turn buttons.

It is selling for $89, or $30 less than the retail price.

Barnes & Noble

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Reader May 23, 2019 um 10:20 am

The Glowlight 3- not a bug but a feature- doesn’t permit adding sideloaded books to shelves. Only B&N purchases may be kept in shelves. If you add a sideloaded book to a shelf, it will disappear from that shelf.

The Nook Simple Touch and Kindles permitted adding sideloaded books to shelves.

I will not purchase another B&N e-reader for the above reason.

RL June 18, 2019 um 7:39 pm

In my opinion, it’s too much for a refurbished product.

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