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Onyx Boox Poke2 Color Now Available for $299

The Chinese ereader maker Onyx has just put its first color ereader on sale.

The Boox Poke2 Color is a variant of the $189 ereader that Onyx launched in April. It has similar great specs, only with the addition of a Kaleido E-ink screen.

The Onyx Boox Poke2 Color runs Android 9.0 on a 2GHz octa-core CPU with 2GB RAM. It also has 32 GB storage, Wifi, and Bluetooth,. Battery capacity is 1.5Ah, which can be recharged through the micro-USB port.

This ereader’s 6″ E-ink screen comes with both a capacitive touchscreen and a frontlight (but not a color-changing frontlight).  Its most notable feature is the 6″ Kaleido E-ink display, which is capable of displaying grayscale at 1072 x 1448 (PPI), or displaying color at 100 PPI.

Retail is $299.

EDIT: And it’s sold out.

I had been hoping to get a review unit from Onyx, but I haven’t gotten a response yet. So I went out and bought one.

I am hoping it will arrive next week.

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Botolo August 10, 2020 um 4:44 pm

How do you load content? Does it work with ComiXology?

Nate Hoffelder August 10, 2020 um 6:21 pm

Theoretically, it should be able to run the Comixology app, yes.

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