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OverDrive now offering more unlimited download titles

OverDrive expanded their Max Access program today, and they added titles from a bunch of sources in a number of formats: ebook audiobook, video, and music. This expansion is part of Overdrive WIN, and it’s a significant increase in the content.

Max Access is a subscription based program that allows for multiple users to check out a title at a given time. According to OverDrive these titles will expire like the single-user titles.


  • Crabtree Publishing
  • Encyclopedia Brittanica
  • Lonely Planet
  • Twin Sisters


  • Compagnie du Savoir
  • Iambik Audio Inc.
  • mp3cityguides
  • RMW Kids Press
  • Twin Sisters


  • BFM Digital
  • Magnatune


  • Cinema Libre Studio
  • Phase 4 Films
  • Visual Education


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