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Paperlike Pro Touchscreen Monitor Now on Indiegogo

After 4 years and several moderately useful designs, Dasung is finally launching an E-ink monitor with the one feature that I have wanted since the first time I saw the Paperlike at CES 2015.

It has a touchscreen.

Now live on Indiegogo, the Paperlike Pro (Touch) is a 13.3″ E-ink monitor that connects to your PC or mobile device over HDMI. It has a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 as well as a capacitive touchscreen. The pre-order price is $800.

The Paperlike gives you all the pleasing reading experience of a Kindle’s screen, only scaled up to the point that you can get real work done. As you can see in the video, it’s a pretty cool device. It’s going to finally give me something I wanted, which is to sit back and read with the screen in my lap. (Yes, I can do that with an Onyx Max, but after getting burned once when I paid retail for a disappointing and marginally functional Max unit, I am not going to buy Onyx again.)

I just wish that Dasung had passed on launching the earlier models and instead waited until they could launch this one.

The thing is, I have two very good Paperlike monitors on my desk. A lot of people bought those earlier monitors, and they work great. But those models were also so expensive that a lot of the people who bought one of the previous models will have trouble justifying the purchase of the new Paperlike Pro (Touch).

This could limit sales, possibly to the point that Dasung won’t have enough orders for a production run.


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Chuck Dee October 23, 2018 um 1:48 pm

IndieGoGo, $500 goal when each costs $799 at minimum, and flexible goal (meaning that they take the money no matter how much they get). Not something I’m willing to take a risk on, and I risk on many crowdfunding projects. Just too many red flags for me.

Name October 23, 2018 um 2:19 pm

Why did they lower the resolution from their last model?

Nate Hoffelder October 23, 2018 um 2:22 pm

I wish I knew. But yes, that is another problem with this monitor.

Brandon Hall October 27, 2018 um 1:59 am

I find the idea of this quite exciting. I hope that they can succeed in bringing it to market.

I hope that with time I can use such a screen with a portable computer setup (think: Raspberry Pi) so that I may do more of my work outside, which tends to require a computer.

sj foxglove November 6, 2018 um 7:43 pm

would love to see more, but appears that they’ve pulled it from indiegogo.

url displays the following notice:

"E-ink Monitor with Touch" is currently being updated.
Please check back later and show your support.

i’ve wanted an e-ink monitor since the early days of the kindle, but it’s been a decade and the technology is only now slowly approaching the point where i could almost justify the price.

for something i would use everyday, i wish the hardware were sexier. flush bezel and no distracting colour logo and power button. maybe have the buttons on the side. i’d also be potentially interested in a frontlit version.

love the idea of a touch screen, though it inevitably makes me also want wireless screen mirroring and an internal battery so as to free myself of cables. but most important is for it to render the desktop images well, and i don’t think we can get that wirelessly yet.

from what i understand, dasung seems to outperform onyx in terms of adjusting contrast and refresh rate. any opinions to the contrary?

Lesnikus November 7, 2018 um 1:12 pm

In my opinion, there is a much more important disadvantage than appearance. This is the screen size. 13.3 inches is very small. As for the battery and the wireless connection, it will increase the delay (look at the Android e-readers, where video sharing software from PC to Android is very slow).

Nate Hoffelder November 7, 2018 um 2:00 pm

My current laptop has a 13″ screen (which, coincidentally, has a lower res screen than the Paperlike). It’s plenty big enough.

Lesnikus November 7, 2018 um 12:58 pm

I was more pleased with the high frame rate, and not the touch screen. It seems that my dream has come true and now the frame rate is even more than 8 fps! It looks incredibly fast, almost like an LCD screen! Finally, my Nook Simple Touch is defeated in terms of frame rates. Fast refrash in new video:

eric December 29, 2018 um 9:59 pm

I would buy this in a heartbeat if I could use it with a stylus

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