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239 Inspirational Quotes from the Bible in 12 Categories

Confucius Quotes: 88 Quotes In 9 Categories

65 Quotes about Strength & 30 Bible Verses about Being Strong

Life is tough, no doubt. What follows is a plethora of quotes and verses from the good book and quotes about strength to help you or your loved ones draw that motivation to press on no matter how hard a challenge you or they might be facing.

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157 Smile Quotes For Instagram and Co. in 8 Categories

80 Spiritual Quotes & 3 Facts about Spirituality

Quotes for Graduation: 90 Sayings in 8 Categories

72 Travel Quotes + 5 Poems about Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, traveling has a lot to offer those who need a break from the routines of daily life. With these sayings and travel quotes you come a little closer to a perhaps still distant journey.

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154 Quotes about Kindness + 4 Tips on How to Be Kind

114 Quotes about Daughters in 10 Categories

95 Inspirational Christian Quotes for Any Occasion + Top 10

93 “Missing You” Quotes & 10 “I Miss You” Poems

248 Quotes on Relationships for Him and Her & 4 Tips

62 “Happy Thursday” Quotes & 43 Blessings for Thursday Morning

76 Baby Quotes for Boys and Girls in 7 Categories

A newborn baby is certainly a cause for celebration. The arrival of a little bundle of joy will change a parent’s life forever, and represent love, life and hope for the future. Make sure to shower the newborn baby in your life with all the love and affection you can muster up. Here you’ll find beautiful baby quotes.

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90 Inspirational Quotes for Kids + 3 Motivational Tips

Being a parent can certainly take a lot out of you. If you have kids, then you’ll know how much they rely on you for all sorts of things, including inspiration. Whether they need help boosting their imagination for games or drawings, or they are trying to figure out the many wonders of life, here are some inspirations.

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