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PSA: This is Not the iPad Mini You Are Looking For

Mike Cane tipped me to a new set of iPad mini photos which Business Insider posted last night. They’re bogus.

The reason I know these photos show a fake iPad Mini is that Mike immediately zoomed in on the photos, grabbed the FCC ID, and asked me to look it up. The ID matched that of the iPad 3, the iPad which was released months and months ago. Heck, I didn’t even have to check the FCC database; my fake iPad Mini sports the exact same number – I already checked.

But even if I didn’t know about the FCC, I still wouldn’t believe these photos were real, for one simple reason.

None of these photos show the screen. That’s important because my fake iPad Mini looks awfully realistic from behind. It’s only when you see the screen that you realize it is a fake. And you’d need a decent quality photograph to make that determination, and that is probably why these photos don’t show the screen.

Folks, if any new leaked photos show an iPad Mini but not the screen I would assume they are fake. These dummy units are getting more and more realistic, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple eventually falls for them.

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