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PublishDrive Releases a Pronoun Importer

Everything is up in the air this week following the Pronoun closure. Authors are scrambling to find a new distributor, and PublishDrive is stepping into the gap.

They’ve announced on their blog that they have developed an importer feature that can take the export ZIP file supplied by Pronoun and automatically upload the files for distribution through PublishDrive.

We are sorry to see an innovative competitor go: competition drives the industry to provide better service and keep improving. However, we understand that authors are frustrated and worried. These are bad news, especially before Christmas: losing your reviews and rankings sounds awful just before the most important sales period. There is a lot of confusion: should you remove your books from sale already? Do you need a copyright statement to confirm your rights?

PublishDrive is here to make migrating your books easier. Our development team was busy this week working on an import tool for former Pronoun authors. You upload your ZIP file and we do the switch, keeping your reviews.

PD also said that they had confirmed that reviews posted on bookstore retail sites will transfer to the new copy of the ebook distributed by PublishDrive at Nook, Kindle, Play Books, and in OverDrive supplied stores (but not Kobo).

That detail is particularly important given that the consensus among authors was that the chance of keeping the reviews was a crapshoot at best; we know that Amazon could transfer the reviews upon request, but Charles Babbage only knows whether the other retailers could do the same.

You can find out more on the PD blog.

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Mark Williams – The New Publishing Standard November 11, 2017 um 2:47 am

StreetLib also have a transfer tool –

Nate Hoffelder November 11, 2017 um 7:13 am

Thanks, Mark!

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