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Reedsy Has Launched an Epub to Mobi Converter

Amazon still won’t convert a user’s Epub ebooks to Kindle format, but luckily there are alternatives such as Calibre or the converter Reedsy launched a few weeks ago.

I got an email from Reedsy on Friday which brought the converter to my attention. I didn’t have a chance to play with it until today, however. The converter has a simple interface; you just drag your Epub file over the window, and let go. You’ll then be prompted to enter your email so the resulting Mobi ebook will be sent to you, and that’s it.

I tested the converter just now. The Mobi I made from an Epub file arrived quickly and looks just as good as the the Mobi I got from from the publisher, although Reedsy’s file is well over twice the size.

All in all, it’s always good to have another option.

Have you tried it yet?

Reedsy Epub to Mobi converter

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RAD May 13, 2019 um 9:30 am

> Amazon still won’t convert a user’s Epub ebooks to Kindle format…

This confused me. From a techie-nerd perspective, the proper way to create a fully functional Kindle Format book is to first create an ePub book and use Amazon’s KingleGen command line tool to generate the Kindle format.

So yeah, maybe Amazon doesn’t include automatic conversion on their devices but that was kind of the point of .mobi, a binary format (a carry-over from Palm OS). Amazon has always supported toolchains for ePub conversion.

Mike D May 14, 2019 um 12:17 pm

>> Amazon still won’t convert a user’s Epub ebooks to Kindle format

Oh yes they will, they just don’t document it.

epub mailed as png {or txt} to Amazon will be converted

Nate Hoffelder May 14, 2019 um 2:20 pm

What you describe is a loophole that exploits an undocumented feature. It proves me right, not wrong.

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