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Amazon’s Rumored Android-Based Game Console is Likely a Set-Top Box, Not a Console

amazon_logo_android-580x147[1]Rumors are circulating today that Amazon’s next gadget won’t be quite so mobile as the last.

Game Informer is claiming that they have sources which say:

Amazon is developing an Android based console for release by the end of this year, most likely by Black Friday.

According to those we spoke with who have knowledge of the in-development hardware, Amazon will be leveraging the titles already available on its platform.

This is one of those rumors that are too hard to quantify. Our gut instinct will tell us its true, but is that because we want it to be true or because it appears to make a lot of sense?

I tend to believe this is true, but I also believe that GI only got half the story. Assuming the rumor is true then this console probably isn’t just a console. It’s also a set top box which Amazon will use to sell video, mp3, and streaming services.

If Amazon really developed a new gadget to plugĀ  into your TV then they would want to use it to sell you all types of content. They wouldn’t just leave it as a gaming console; it would be a waste of hardware.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that gaming will be one of the lesser uses. There are a lot of Android games that won’t translate well from a 4″ smartphone screen to a 40″ TV screen. There are also a lot of games that use gameplay motions that are too dependent on a touchscreen to adapt well to a controller.

On a related note, this could also be related to the MediaTek CPU rumor from yesterday. One of MediaTek’s specialties is "digital multimedia solutions", which is another name that you could stick on a set top box.

In any case, we won’t know more until Amazon decides it is time for another leak.

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fjtorres August 9, 2013 um 12:28 pm

Gaming *will* be the lesser function.
As Ouya and Shield have demonstrated most Android games will need modification for use in gaming devices.
The STB functions, however, will work right out of box and most media apps will work without modification. And there likely will be more money for Amazon in the media and home showroom feature.

Nate Hoffelder August 9, 2013 um 1:27 pm

Do you know what’s odd? I’ve been reading other coverage of this rumor and most missed this wrinkle. I thought it was rather obvious.

fjtorres August 9, 2013 um 2:31 pm

All the hype and excitement over Ouya and Shield and nobody reads the reviews?

Nate Hoffelder August 9, 2013 um 2:36 pm

I thought it was strange that no one read the comments on the original post. Most of the gamers hated the idea, and that was what cinched the set-top box idea. Your comment yesterday also helped.

Syn August 9, 2013 um 5:11 pm

Amazon should buy Roku.

lex August 12, 2013 um 12:31 pm

A set top box game console hook up to a smart-tv or tablet-pc with a game controller how cool is that together with a cloud storage satellite connecting network.

Tell you what i rather a game console i can build electronic device parts on more than a PC, not just software but hardware too?

1. It must have online multiplayer

2. It must have game as well as software (OS) Customization in all areas

3. GPU Graphic Core games like Crysis, Call of Duty or Duez ex

4. It must have game Control Extentions for game play users to experience full workout

"There are more to say" "you guys can fill me in" by the way:

For one the amazon game console, will not be the first to release with a android base operating system, but it will be the first to release a game console with new inventions to hit the market.

Called it the the X-Core, Amaze, Cloud play or Chrome box?

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