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So you need Pandigital to help with your Android tablet? Fuhgeddaboudit

My 9″ Pandigital Novel died in Las Vegas.  I didn’t break it or drop it, it just died. This was one of the many minor irritations that made the trip less than fun, but never mind that.  I’m here to complain about getting the gadget repaired.

Late last Sunday night I filled out the contact form on the Pandigital website. I told them that it had died and gave them all the info so they could deal with it under the warranty.

And then I waited.

Final Update: This company has folded. It has been handed over to a liquidator to be sold off in order to pay creditors.

And I’m still waiting. It’s been 9 days now and I still haven’t heard back from Pandigital. What’s worse is that was only the first of 5 times I’ve contacted their service department on this. I’ve filled out that contact form twice (the second time was on Friday) and sent 3 emails and received no response whatsoever.

BTW, if you’re thinking that I could have just asked my contacts at Pandigital to swap my broken device, you’re right. In fact, I told them it was broken (and how). I’m doing this the hard way because I wanted to see how good their service department is.

Frankly, it sucks. I had heard complaints about Pandigital from a few people but I hadn’t realized quite how bad it is. Basically there is no tech support or warranty. Once you buy one of their gadgets you’re on your own.

I cannot recommend that anyone buy a device from Pandigital. It’s too big of an investment to throw it away.

(image via miss_ohara)

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Mike Cane January 25, 2011 um 3:31 pm

NOW you see why I can’t recommend lower-tier companies like this at all. They’re in it just to grab some fast money and the hell with anything long-term. Plus, their crap is made in China with cheap parts that tend to have Sudden Death Syndrome like this.

M. Klaar January 25, 2011 um 4:09 pm

In the age where almost everything is made in china, saying that "Their crap is made in China", is being a bit naive.

Most things are made in China these days – and I’m counting Taiwan too – and it’s only quality control on the part of the company that counts in the final analysis.

disclaimer: I’m not chinese 🙂

Mike Cane January 25, 2011 um 6:41 pm

Read carefully –> with cheap parts

China is not the issue. The PARTS are.

Pup July 11, 2011 um 2:59 pm

The engineering can be pretty bad as well, with Chinese or Taiwanese products. They do tend to get the products knocked out fast though and out to market but the quality of the design can really suck.

Richard Adin January 25, 2011 um 4:15 pm

Ahhhh, the virtues of owning a Sony 950 — Made in Japan. 🙂

Tablazines January 25, 2011 um 4:49 pm

Yeah that sucks. I’d be really pissed cause i’m broke.. lol… and don’t have money to throw away.

Dragon January 25, 2011 um 7:55 pm

That is sad news. My wife gave me than Pandigital 9″ for Christmas. She got mine off of QVC. If you got yours off there …. try calling them and see what happens. If all else fails let your contacts know that you can no longer recommend there product and if anything will tell others to stay away.

Mike February 8, 2011 um 4:42 am

My 7″ is totally dead. Same issue. Any luck?

Nate the great February 8, 2011 um 6:21 am

They just shipped my replacement 9″ yesterday.

I got Screwed by Pandigital Customer Service | The Digital Reader February 16, 2011 um 1:38 pm

[…] couple weeks ago I wrote a post complaining about the customer service that Pandigital didn’t provide for my broken 9″ Pandigital […]

adriana November 23, 2011 um 9:10 am

Is there a number for it? ????:|

ned hibb December 27, 2011 um 10:35 pm

Got 7″ pandigital novel for my daughter for Christmas, so far so good. One disheartening issue: I tried to go to on both pc & tablet—nothing but page trying to load for-ev-er. Hope this only due to holidays.

Nate Hoffelder December 27, 2011 um 10:38 pm

The website loaded fine earlier today.

mustache February 12, 2012 um 7:27 am

if it the small black one most apps dont work

B January 10, 2012 um 11:38 am

This is one company I will never use again! I know I do not have a E-Reader
I purchased a Pandigital Personal Photo & Negative Scanner / Converter – 4″x6″ The fast, easy and fun way to make digital copies of all your favorite photos up to 4″x6″ and 35mm negatives, Model Number: PANSCN05 . I thought, it would be worth it to turn 25 years worth of negatives into digital images. WRONG. This Item is Nothing but problems. What they do not tell you on the box is if a negative has a dark area in the background, the autocrop feature cuts the image off at the dark area. A tree can have a shadowed area in it, it cuts the image off there, so if someone is standing in front of it, they get beheaded. I actually got to talk to customer twice in 9 months in attempting to contact them. (AMAZING, I know) Forget emailing Pandigital from their website. You 1st get the auto response about some one will get back to you in 2-3 business days, then if they do respond within 3-4 weeks, its, please call for better assistance. Now when calling keep in mind your wait time is going to be 1hr 30min upwards to 2hr and 40min if you call from the very min. they open their phone lines.

Amanda February 6, 2012 um 11:48 pm

Good thing I bought the Fred Meyer accident insurance. Mine was a piece of crap and quite frankly, I was kind of glad when it fell out of my hands. For an extra $20, I get all of my money back that I paid on this stupid thing.

Suzanne Perez March 15, 2012 um 4:02 pm

It took a more than a month and a couple hours on my cell phone before I could get Pangital customer service to give me the address and instructions to return my defective e-reader. It’s been nearly five weeks since they received my return and I still don’t have a replacement or any indication that one has been or actually will be shipped out. When I email to find out when to expect the device I was supposed to receive in three weeks I get an automated email that says to contact them after four to six weeks. It’s been more than three months since I purchased this defective product and I still don’t have an e-reader that works! Stay away from Pandigital, regardless of the price. You get way less than you pay for. In my case, I got nothing but frustration.

Cheryl March 17, 2012 um 10:38 am

I can’t return this thing till I find out how to delete things that I put in there and dont work.
Also open facebook im all ready signed in and cant sign out. Any one know how?

Tim Glazer March 19, 2012 um 5:41 pm

So.. why did you not return it to the store that you bought it from?

Christine March 29, 2012 um 6:45 pm

I purchased my 7″ E reader from Walmart and gave it to my kids for Christmas. I literally have only used it about 5 times. I turned it on (it’s fully charged) and the screen went black and will not turn back on even though I tried to reset it. I first went to Walmart to try to return it and they said there is only a 15 day return policy on e readers.

I looked on the Pandigital site and it does have a small section about a warranty but no paperwork there to fill out. I emailed them and then called them today. The service technician tried to tell me I have a defective AC adapter when it’s the reader that’s a piece of junk. He wanted me to take the AC adapter to a Radio Shack. I was pissed! I told him their is none in our area and I will not be going. He put me on hold and came back and asked me to fax a copy of my receipt to them. I only purchased the thing in November. What a piece of junk! I also was not able to download any apps.

Deborah Pavelka May 6, 2012 um 4:27 pm

I bought my Nova on September 23, 2011 from QVC. It died January 20th 2012. I sent it back to Pandigital via USPS with a certified delivery report which they received it on February 1, 2012. I’m still waiting! I’ve contacted them a dozen times and each time am told another 3-4 weeks. It’s now been more than 3 months! Not only am I out the money for buying this thing I don’t even have an ereader. Does anyone know if I can file a complaint with the Attorney General or someone? QVC has been no help at all!

Barbara Spangler July 10, 2012 um 8:29 am

I bought 4 of the Pandigital a few weeks ago. We just started to using them. I have Wi Fi at home, hopefully we can get on the interent or also I will be taking all 4 of them back. I wanted something that we all can play games on, read books, etc.

ed December 3, 2012 um 2:13 pm

i hope you toke them back, they are one of the worst companies ever! because im STOLE $120 from me. we work to hard to have our money stolen, by some big corporation.

tori October 23, 2012 um 4:01 pm

SENT MY SUPER NOVA TABLET BACK ON AUG 28TH 2012. It is now October 23rd. Nada, nothing!! Everytime I call they say it will be shipping soon. Everytime I call!!! I’m at my wits end.

Dan October 23, 2012 um 9:38 pm

I bought my supernova in early August then in late September the screen died on my. Sent the unit to Pandigital and confirmed they received it on October 4. Every time I call they say it is going out by the end of the week. They also claim their warehouse moved and it delayed the process. When I called this evening and asked for a manager the rep said the managers go home at 5 pm. I think I am getting fleeced.

Karen November 5, 2012 um 4:10 pm

I returned my Pandigital Supernova to them August 20, 2012 and finally received my replacement November 1, 2012. But just in case you didn’t know Pandigital has gone out of business, I spoke with a customer service rep today to confirm.

DO NOT BUY PANGITIAL PRODUCTS January 11, 2013 um 1:55 pm

My significant other purchased a SuperNova DLX 8″ Touchscreen Color WiFi Tablet by Pandigital, item number E202817, from QVC on 12/18/2011, order number 4025060822, my total amount for this purchase was $207.55 and it shipped on 12/19/2011. The tablet was a Christmas gift. It failed to power on approximately June 2012. The manufactures warranty stated we call and get a shipping label for this product and return it to the manufacture. This was completed in September 4, 2012. In October, we called the manufacture and they stated they were out of business and there was no other information they could provide to us. I immediately called QVC and the representative stated there were other people with the same complaint about this product and that they would escalate this complaint to their home office for a resolution. We were then referred to an "alleged company" that bought out Pandigital. However, they have no obligation to fulfill Pandigital warranties and to date have not honored the warranty. QVC failed to disclose that Pangital Company was not a legitimate company and the product we were purchasing was being sold "As Is" and that their was no warranty. We would have NEVER purchased this product without a warranty. QVC failed to disclose that Pandigital Company was going out of business while advertising and selling their products. QVC also continues to sell Pandigital products with the knowledge that their is not a current warranty with Pandigital products. I am tired to being given multiple phone numbers of people to contact and give the run around. Please file a complaint with the BBB and the PA Attorney Generals office against QVC and Pandigital. I did and I’m awaiting a response.

StephyTheSteph October 7, 2013 um 6:59 pm

ARG! My tablet just died too! And apparently there is nothing that can be done about it. If I had it for a few years, Id say it was a good run… but it hasnt even been a YEAR. What a piece of crap!

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