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The Internet Archive’s Open Library program now supports over 100 libraries in 6 countries

Back in February of this year the Internet Archive started a new partnership with a select group of libraries. These several dozen libraries across the US worked with the IA to provide in-library access to the Open Library, the IA’s new, cooperative 100,000+ eBook lending collection.

Yesterday the IA announced that they’d expanded to include libraries on 6 continents. The exact count isn’t done yet, but it’s up over a hundred library systems with a thousand or more branches.

In case you were wondering, I’m counting the participating libraries differently from how IA did it. They counted individual branches, and ended up with over 1k. I’m counting systems and treating all the branches of a system as 1 library.

The open Library functions in much the same way as OverDrive. Library patrons can check out up to 5 titles at a time for a period of 2 weeks. The ebooks can be read online or on any Device or app that supports Adobe DE DRM.

Open Library

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