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The Kobo Aura One is Discontinued

Kobo informed me this evening that they have retired the Kobo Aura One ereader, and have replaced it with the Kobo Forma.

Thanks for your note. Kobo Forma is taking the place of Kobo Aura One as our premium device.

The Aura one  is out of stock on, and Kobo’s retail partners in Canada, EU, and United States are no longer carrying it (TBH, I am not sure anyone actually carried it in the USA).

Launched in August 2016, the Aura One was an largely unremarkable ereader with a 7.8″  Carta E-ink screen. It retailed for $230, making it a decent value compared to the first Kindle Oasis, which launched in spring 2016.

The Aura One’s biggest claim to fame was the size of its screen (the largest Kobo ever shipped) and Overdrive integration. It was the first ereader to ship with this feature since Sony retired its ereader line, but the Aura One is not the only OD-equipped ereader any more. Kobo released a general update several months ago that added Overdrive integration to all current Kobo models.

P.S. The reason I am down on the Aura One is that I prefer another model. I think the Aura H2O was the better ereader because it had a much nicer shell. Alas, Kobo decided to go for bland shells after that.

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Paul Guinnessy January 28, 2019 um 9:43 pm

They just sent out an email saying you can’t use the Kobo WiFi any more to download books.

Nate Hoffelder January 28, 2019 um 9:54 pm

Also for the Kobo Android tablets.

Xaver Basora January 29, 2019 um 5:56 am


Which ones?


Nate Hoffelder January 29, 2019 um 7:42 am

I got the same email Paul got, only for the Kobo Arc tablet I had years ago.

tired January 29, 2019 um 7:45 am

The original Aura H2O and the HD before it had awful shells with harsh angular bends in the back and smooth plastic. The Aura One, the Aura Ed. 2 and the H2O Ed. 2 have grippy backs that are flat but with a smooth taper on the side to ergonomically fit the hand. I’m absolutely surprised that anyone would call perhaps one the best designed shells on any ereader "bland." Most readers don’t want something that looks exotic, they want something that is comfortable to hold.

I’m also surprised to hear the first mainstream 8 inch reader with a weight far less than the Ipad Mini and only a bit more than the Kindle Paperwhite described as "unremarkable." Maybe to you, but it offered something that Amazon is still not offering and it was popular enough to have a replacement (the Forma) instead of simply being discontinued. It offered far more than the first gen Oasis (not just size but waterproofing) which offered nothing but a high price, page turn buttons and a weird polarizing design.

Since the screen uniformity is quite good on the Aura One (and not at all on the Forma) I consider it the superior device. While your post is "good riddance to bad rubbish" I consider the One to be an excellent reader and it is too bad that it is being retired.

Nate Hoffelder January 29, 2019 um 8:13 am

The original H2O had a slightly rubberized rear shell that was pleasant to touch and nice to look at. Kobo’s later models had shells that were just generic black rectangles (not including the Forma, of course).

Susan January 29, 2019 um 5:13 pm

The Aura One was the device that switched me from being an Amazon Kindle user to being an exclusive Kobo user. I didn’t think I could like any device more than the Aura One until – on a whim – I bought the Kobo Forma- completely prepared to try it and send it back because I had tried and hated both Kindle Oasis’s. I fell in love with the Forma – it got right everything Amazon did wrong with the Oasis. I have a Decal Girl skin on it and cut down a leather-like 10.5 IPad Pro sleeve to an inch above the Forma size and I am very happy with the device. My Aura One screen lighting was very uneven with grey/green blobs in areas but I forced myself to ignore it because I wanted the screen size. I was very lucky that the Forma I received from Walmart had an almost perfect screen. I never really liked page turn buttons but find now that they are great for turning pages with one hand while drinking coffee or petting dog or cat with the other. I am looking forward to seeing what Kobo will come up with next. For me – I really will not miss the Aura One.

Mocha Zombi January 29, 2019 um 6:38 pm

Aura One is a excellent device. I had the H20 and was never satisfied with the form factor, namely the size of the bezels and the annoying cover for the ports that you have to remove to use the USB port. Aura One improved on all accounts and added new stuff ; bigger screen, better quality lighting, bezel size, no port cover, Overdrive integration, lighter weight (if I recall correctly). It was easily worth the extra money. H20 was a good device but the One was quantifiably better in every way.

Penelope January 30, 2019 um 3:21 pm

Sad to see the Aura ONE discontinued. Best reader device out there, IMHO. No funky shape, uniform lighting, great cover, it just is a wonderful reader. I own the large screen Kindle Oasis, but rarely read on it, the Aura ONE is a superior experience.

I’d be interested to try a Kobo Forma, but don’t see a need. Don’t care for buttons and there’s the stripe issue which would probably drive me nuts. Maybe Kobo will get it better next release….

As for the Aura HD, owned that before the ONE and found it VERY comfortable to hold. Ten times better than Kindle Oasis, easy.

Susan January 30, 2019 um 5:12 pm

I didn’t really need the buttons either but have found them handyat times. You can also hold the Forma and just tap on the screen to turn pages. My Forma does not have the stripe issue that people have reported.

Dan Taylor April 6, 2019 um 3:17 am

I have been reading with the Aura One for over a year now and find it very good indeed. Very good case and styling, lightweight and great screen size. Much better than Kindle which seems like a cheap toy in comparison.
I also find the nighttime colour temperature change very effective. I am not likely to change because the new features on the Forma are not a ‘must have ‘ for me.

Joyce Scott September 17, 2019 um 1:27 pm

I have been reading the aura one since it came out and I really enjoy it. I am sad to see that it has been discontinued.
I will not change as long it continues to satisfy me.

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