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TOC Swag Giveaway – 13″ Laptop Bag

I’m in the middle of unpacking my gadget bag from TOC, and I just came cross the swag bag. Since I don’t need another laptop bag, I’m giving this one away.

This contest has the same rules as before. Leave a comment to enter the contest (US only); I’ll pick the winner Saturday afternoon.

This is a messenger style bag for a 13″ or smaller laptop. Note that this cannot take a 15″ laptop; I saw someone try and it didn’t fit. I’m not even sure that all 13″ laptops will fit, actually.

The bag is black with  neon green interior. It has Copia and O"Reilly logos on the front and back. The construction is quite solid; you’ll run out of space to put things before any of the seams give way. You’ll find slots and pockets under the flap and a zipper compartment in the flap. There’s a second compartment on the backside.

The laptop compartment itself is not placed very well. It’s accessed from the underside via a disemboweling zipper. If you’re like me you will probably forget to close it and yes, your laptop could fall out. There’s a small velcro safety flap that is supposed to prevent it, and it seems to be reasonably strong.

P.S. The ereader in the photo is not included; it has  9.7″ screen and is only shown to give you  better idea of the size of the bag.

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