Skip to main content’s Free eBook for September is Robert Jordan’s "New Spring"’s ebook of the month club is giving away New Spring by Robert Jordan this week. This is a prequel novel in his The Wheel of Time series.

Moiraine Damodred, a young Accepted soon to be raised to Aes Sedai, and Lan Mandragoran, a soldier fighting in the battle, are set on paths that will bind their lives together. But those paths are filled with complications and dangers, for Moiraine, of the Royal House of Cairhien, whose king has just died, and Lan, considered the uncrowned king of a nation long dead, find their lives threatened by the plots of those seeking power.

This ebook will be available in Kindle and Epub as a free download until midnight on Friday, 20 September 2019.

You can download it from

Have you read this book yet? What do you think?

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G.B. Miller September 18, 2019 um 5:57 am

That particular book series eventually soured me on fantasy for about 15 years (too many pages, had to keep referring back to previous books to figure out the plot line, seemed like it would never end, etc). Eventually found the remnants of this book series in the bargain basement stores. Definitely will not be looking into this book at all. Sounds like his estate is trying to milk a mediocre series (IMO) until it cries in pain.

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