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Wired agreed with me: Amazon Appstore to open Tuesday

Brian Chen posted an article on Wired’s website late last night where he said:

Retail giant Amazon is preparing to launch its own app store on the Android platform on Tuesday, March 22, a trusted source told

Looks like he’s a few days late (but a couple bucks richer).

My guess was based on the announcement that the Amazon Appstore had an exclusive on the latest edition of Angry Birds. AB: Rio is scheduled for release next Tuesday, and if it’s going to be available to buy then Amazon’s Appstore has to be open. And then with the Appstore page being kinda up and running, I really thought it was going to launch by Friday. But now that we have a more definite date, this could get interesting.

I don’t see a need for another Android app store.There already are several, and at least 1 is very good (SlideMe). That being said, Amazon will almost immediately become the second most popular app store, and this will happen simply because they are Amazon. They have a dominant position as a web retailer that no one can beat.

There’s even a chance that Amazon could give the official Marketplace a run for its money. Amazon have forgotten more about retailing and customer service than Google will ever know. CS is one thing that Google simply cannot do; they prefer to build monolithic entities and then ignore the buzzing noises around the edges.

I’m not sure if anyone has thought of this yet, but I bet the Appstore won’t be available worldwide. Kindle apps aren’t, and I’d guess that Amazon will apply the same restriction.

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