There’s good news and bad news about Mirasol

I'm just back from the CES On The Hill event this evening and I have good news, bad news, and fan-fricking-tastic news about about Mirasol. I think I'll lead with the good news.

How do you light a reflective screen?  I'd go with a clip on light, myself, but the only real way to integrate a light source would be to embed a front light. That's what Qualcomm did with their new Mirasol demo. And this is indeed their new demo; it's the first time it's been shown off.

I wish I were going to SID Display Week next week; they promised to have one with an ambient light sensor. This one had a pair of buttons on the back to increase and decrease the brightness.

The bad news is that the finished products won't hit the market until fall. Yep, it's delayed again, darnit.

And the really great news is that Qualcomm offered to fly me to Taiwan next time that they have a sponsored trip. (I can feel the waves of  jealousy from here.) I'm definitely going to take them up on it; there's no way I could afford it otherwise.

15 thoughts on “There’s good news and bad news about Mirasol

      1. B&N = NookColor II for fall. “Everything you loved about the NookColor, but now even more.”

        But I think Amazon. Don’t think Mirasol has that hi-res a screen.

  1. Delayed until fall for screen production or for a customer to get a reader to market? Nate, did you get any sense of when in fall?

  2. Who wants to bet we won’t see devices in fall? Well, unless you count late November/December as “fall”.

  3. I’m so buying one as soon as it is available! I hate the reflective screen of the prs-600 and the heavy & clunky leather cover with clip on light. Integrated frontlit screens, I’ve been asking for that from the start!

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