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B&N: We Already Dealt With the Malware Infesting the new Nook Android Tablet

Barnes & Noble has issued a statement on yesterday’s story about the malware infesting the new $50 Nook Android tablet.

They say that the ADUPS malware has already been neutered, and that a future firmware update would entirely remove it from the tablet.

“NOOK Tablet 7” went on sale on November 26. By that time, the device automatically updated to a newer version of ADUPS (5.5), which has been certified as complying with Google’s security requirements, when first connected to Wi-Fi. ADUPS has confirmed to Barnes & Noble that it never collected any personally identifiable information or location data from NOOK Tablet 7” devices, nor will it do so in the future.

Finally, we are working on a software update to remove ADUPS completely from the NOOK Tablet 7”. That update will be made available to download within the next few weeks, but in the meantime customers can rest assured that the device is safe to use.” –  Fred Argir, Chief Digital Officer

I am still waiting for users to confirm that their tablets have been updated as B&N mentioned in their statement.

There is at least one user report which contradicts that claim, so I would suggest that you take it with a grain of salt.


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BDR December 22, 2016 um 2:54 pm

The fact is that B&N’s sorry reality on all fronts didn’t just suddenly happen … it is the product of decades of horrible and wrong-headed decisions & actions. These are idiots and idiots will forever do dumb things.

You bring that into your life by buying something so intimate to your life as a tablet, you get all of that as a bonus. The moral of the story? Don’t do business with incompetents. No matter how inexpensive it appears, it’s too expensive.

unEnlightened December 22, 2016 um 3:12 pm

Hey,BDR, enlighten please about the competent ones.

BBrooks December 22, 2016 um 4:36 pm

I have had the B&N Tablet for about 2 weeks, received a system update from B&N last night. Went through the same method mentioned in the Linux Journal to verify ADUPs APK.

Version after the update is

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