Amazon Has 2 eReaders and a Tablet in the Works

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I've just been given the most amazing tip about Amazon's new gadgets. It looks like Amazon may have quietly put 3 devices through the FCC over the past few months, not just the one we expect to see tomorrow.

Update: I just flipped my prediction around. It used to be 2 tablets and an ebook reader. I changed because only the 1400 is referred to as a tablet. The other 2 are "electronic display devices".

Something you need to know about Amazon is that they are incredibly secretive when they can get away with it. They've sent several Kindles through the FCC, and they concealed the Kindle the exact same way each time. Amazon created a dummy corporation for each Kindle and then had the FCC hide all the identifying documents (photos diagrams, user manual, etc).

Today I have for you 3 FCC listings for 3 devices from 3 companies from 3 different parts of the USA. The listings have nothing in common aside from the fact that they have everything hidden, they're using similar model numbers, and they have pretty much the same FCC label design as on the current Kindles.

Two of the devices have Wifi and the other has 3G. I disagree with my source about which is which, but we agree that these belong to Amazon. The similar model numbers and virtually identical labels are too much of a coincidence.

The image above is from one of the listings. That is the backside of a Wifi equipped D01400. I'd estimate, based on the diagonal, that it has a 7" screen. I expect that to be the device that Amazon will show off tomorrow. BTW, the D01400 is from a dummy company by the name of Okakopa. The name is a Hawaiian word that means October. Some one at Amazon clearly has my sense of humor.

I don't have time today to trace the dummy companies back to Amazon; that would have to wait for business hours, anyway. But I will be taking a deeper look into this later in the week.

D01200 (FCC)

D01400 (FCC)

D01100 (FCC)

14 thoughts on “Amazon Has 2 eReaders and a Tablet in the Works

  1. For all the tablet hype, it is the eink device I’m interested in.
    I loaned my K2 to my mother and that puppy ain’t coming back so I need to decide between a K3g refurb, a new KSO 3g, or the new eink’er. Which, by the way, since it’s a solo 3g intro, I expect to be a new DX. Possibly with touch.

  2. I asked on Twitter. Kindle 3 has D09001 Model Number. That fits into that sequence and D prefix.

    Today someone said to expect not just a tablet, but a $99 Kindle PLUS a Kindle With Touch.

    I still have to disagree. That would confuse people and wreck the marketing messages.

    I think there will be just a tablet tomorrow.

    And no, if *I’m* wrong, I’m not wearing a dress. NOR YOUR dress.

  3. The Do1200 (or FCC ID: ZEF-0610) is a proper e-reader. Probably with a 6 Inch display. The other two are tablets. The reason for this, is that the FCC site shows a UBTDF (Upper Bound Transmission Duty Factor) analysis. This type of analysis is typical for e-paper based devices in order to pass the adapted RF tests the FCC made for ereader devices.

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