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1.8 million XO laptops are now in use

One of the mailing lists I follow is for the Sugar developemnt community. There’s been a debate going on for the past few days about the correct number of XO laptops that have been made.

If you check the various wekis, websites, etc, you’ll get a bunch of different answers. Some count all the ones not yet shipped; others rely on bad data, and others are merely propaganda.

The number they eventually agreed on (as a guesstimate) was 1.8 million XO laptops were actually in the hands of stundents. I’d say that is a lot, considering that it has no marketing budget, brand presence, and the fact these buggers cost around $500 each to deploy.

If you compare it to smartphones, it’s not a lot. But if you compare the XO figures to another niche product like ereaders, then 1.8 million users in only a few years is quite a lot. It’s actually more than some ereader makers have accomplished.

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