How to send web content directly to your Kindle

by Chris Walters

How to send web content directly to your Kindle Kindle Tips and Tricks Yesterday Lifehacker told everyone about Send to Kindle, a new extension for the Chrome web browser that lets you email articles and blog posts directly to your Kindle. It’s a great tool, but not very useful if you don’t use Chrome.

Here are some other easy ways to quickly send content to your Kindle from other web browsers, or from your desktop.


This one precedes Send to Kindle by more than a year, and it’s supposed to work in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Mobile Safari as well as Firefox. I tested it on Firefox and it worked fine.

To enable it, you’ll have to add a RekindleIT email address to your approved senders list on your “Manage My Kindle” settings page on Amazon.

Since it was released before the Kindle 3, its instructions say that choosing the “free” option means you’ll get the file back via email and have to manually copy it over. In reality, the test article I used appeared on my Kindle 3 Wi-Fi model without any problems.


Instapaper is a great browser tool for saving long articles and posts to read later, when you’re not surfing the web. It also has a “Download” section in the sidebar of where you can grab a single file that contains all of your most recent Instapaper articles in ebook format. You can then use your normal email account to mail that file to your email address. This is a good alternative if you want to send lots of articles over at the same time, because they’ll be bundled into a single document with a table of contents.

Instapaper can also be used in a couple of other ways that require even less work on your part:

  • Auto-Delivery: If you sign up for an account at Instapaper, you can set up a delivery schedule where the service will automatically email you your saved articles as a single file once per week.
  • Auto-Sync vis USB: If you regularly plug in your Kindle to your PC, the free apps Ephemera (Mac) and Wordcycler (Windows) will sense when the Kindle is connected, download your Instapaper articles to the desktop, and copy them over to your device.

Two other services, Readability and Readable, both do a fine job of stripping out excess formatting so you can read web pages more easily. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a way to then email that reformatted article to your Kindle. (Readability’s email feature just sends a link, and Readable doesn’t offer one at all.)

However, if you’re looking for a completely private solution that doesn’t require sharing any email addresses with third parties, you can use one of these two tools to create a text-only version, then copy and paste that into a new email message and send it to your address yourself.

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  1. João Carlos de Pinho19 January, 2011

    Instapaper feature is very nice. My only complain is that the digests are formatted as “periodicals”, not “books”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; on the contrary: it’s the right way to do it. However, for some reason Kindle doesn’t allow the user to add periodicals to collections. Thus, all Instapaper digests ended up in the root level of the Home screen, which I dislike.

  2. Sherri19 January, 2011

    A couple of other notes about Instapaper – you can just go to the web site using your Kindle browser and download directly, rather than having to download on a computer and email, and you can set up your Instapaper account to send email to your email account (on Kindle 3’s) daily, not just weekly. Mail sent to only gets sent to your Kindle when the Kindle is connected via WiFi, and there is no charge for those emails. I’ve become a big fan of Instapaper on my Kindle.

  3. Jarek27 January, 2011

    For chrome (and now – only for that) you can use nice & sexy plugin

    Just select what you want, press ctrl-alt-k and voila! In seconds you have it on your kindle.

    Niiceee, I want it for Firefox too

  4. JeffW9 February, 2011

    I’ve tried ReKindleIt, Send to Kindle ( & Later on Kindle. The most reliable and useful has been Later on Kindle. ReKindleIt only worked once, Send to Kindle is nice, but looses some things like hyperlinked text. I literally sent a recipe from Food Network to my kindle and a few words that were hyperlinked were dropped. Not so nice when the words dropped are things like “chicken” and “tomatoes”. Kind of valuable! I also had a few other pages that lost the end of the article. I’m not sure if there was some sort of word count limit, but not too useful.

    I’ve settle on “Later on Kindle” for Chrome. It gives a nice simpliefied text like the others, but retains the hyperlinked words and formats well.

  5. Ana25 November, 2012

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use the App “Clear Web Text for Kindle”.
    It cleans web and send to your kindle with your email. You don’t have to add new approved emails, and it keeps images!!


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