Check out the new concept smartphone with a Mirasol screen!

Engadget caught sight of Qualcomm's new concept smartphone. This is the 4.1" Mirasol screen that Qualcomm have been showing off for a while now.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work. All they did was take the non functional 4.1" (227ppi, or 800x480 resolution) screen sample I showed you a couple months back and put it in a dummy shell.

It feels like a let-down, of you ask me. When I first read this I thought it would be something new.

I've got a better photo after the break.


Check out the new concept smartphone with a Mirasol screen! e-Reading Hardware

via Engadget

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  1. Mike Cane18 May, 2011

    According to that Engadget piece, a “converged ereader” this year. But if their one plant can’t handle Kindle volumes, then I really doubt they could do B&N numbers, either (3M NookColors sold). So are we back to Pocketbook or whoever? If it’s Notion Ink, they might as well just pack up and forget it!


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